Below is a list of youtube video tutorials and respective downloadable Excel spreadsheets.
Click on any spreadsheet link to download the respective spreadsheet for free.


Introduction to Deriscope - Part1: Why Deriscope (video) (25:56) (sheet)

How to price a Stock Option (video) (9:21)

Yield Curve by QuantLib in Excel with market rates and cubic spline (video) (12:31) (sheet)

Excel Array Formulas: How to change their range (video) (2:32)

All Assets

BTRM lecture on Yield Curves and OIS pricing (video) (15:00) (sheet)

Bond Curve Fitting in Excel using the QuantLib Nelson-Siegel and Svensson methods (video) (26:42) (sheet)


Option pricing in Excel using Heston stochastic volatility from QuantLib (video) (9:59) (sheet)

Option pricing in Excel with Implied Volatility Surface using QuantLib (video) (13:08) (sheet)


Excel pricing of CDS using QuantLib ISDA method (video) (8:58) (sheet)

Live Feeds

How to get live feeds in Excel (video) (6:35)

How to get the real time prices of all S&P 500 stocks, updated every single second (video) (1:42)

How to get historical data and technical indicators in Excel (video) (7:51)

How to retain and display the most recent incoming feeds in Excel (video) (2:41)

How to automate the permanent file storage of the incoming feeds (video) (2:59)

Real Time Trading Simulator using live fx rates from TrueFX (video) (17:57) (sheet)