Deriscope is a tool that allows everyone to create powerful spreadsheets that price complex derivative structures.

If you think you are good at explaining - sometimes surprising - numerical outputs, then you are invited to apply for an author membership.

You will then join our team of authors and gain access to an online editor where you will be able to supply your own text.

You may also enhance your article with screenshots that display quick views of intermediate spreadsheet results as well as LaTeX-based mathematical equations and other images that illustrate your ideas.

Afterwards, your submitted article - provided it gets approved - will appear in this site and will be promoted to a wider audience.

If your initial submission is not approved, you will be given feedback and - if needed - coaching in order to reach the high quality standards expected by this site's readers.

You will be also given the choice of adding a short biographical profile and/or photo under the list of contributing authors.

Please keep in mind that the distinguishing feature of this blog site is that all articles are not just theoretical abstractions but prove their point through computations that anyone should be able to reproduce. This means that each article must be accompanied by at least one spreadsheet that anyone can download in order to replicate your analysis. You can fulfil this requirement by creating the spreadsheet using only built-in Excel formulas, Visual Basic code, Deriscope or a combination of them.