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Introduction to Deriscope – Part 5: Live Feeds


Deriscope enables you to get live feeds that include last traded stock prices, forex rates, bid/offer quotes, historical time series and financial data from various providers in Excel.

Currently these providers are the Yahoo Finance, Alpha Vantage, IEX (Investors Exchange) and TrueFX.

The special function dsLive takes as input an object of type Live Request, which contains all details about the desired live feeds.

It then contacts the live feeds provider's server and downloads the real time data into the spreadsheet.

The functions dsLiveStartEngine, dsLiveGetSync and dsLiveGetAsync are convenient shortcuts that focus on real time stock prices and fx rates.

The Deriscope Wizard can generate all required formulas for you.

The following video shows how you can access the various menu options.

You may notice that the Info Area at the bottom of the taskpane displays information on each menu item. 

Asynchronous Live Feeds Example: FX Rates from TrueFX

Asynchronous Live Feeds Example: Stock Prices with bid/offer quotes from IEX

Asynchronous Live Feeds Example: Stock Prices from Alpha Vantage

Historical Data Example: Time Series from Yahoo Finance

Historical Data Example: Time Series from Yahoo Finance merged with Moving Average from Alpha Vantage

Financial Data Example: Full Quote Data and Company Quarterly Earnings from IEX

Feel free to contact me if you want to share any thoughts with regard to this product or if you want to request any particular features. Contact info and social media links are available at my web site https://www.deriscope.com

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